Happy 4th of July!


July 3, 2016

Firstly, I'd like to welcome all the new users we're seeing daily! Glad to have you here! Please do familiarize yourself with the Terms of Service and Content Guidelines. This IS a moderated archive.

Software Upgrade

Thank you to all of you for your patience through the process. We all appreciate it!

Final Updates

  • Fiction Portal is out of beta, official version number is 2.0.

  • the layout skin, which is transitional, is being reworked entirely, so that it is responsive to mobile and desktop devices at the same time.

  • Because we have members with older computers and operating systems, the new skins/layouts are being designed with that in mind, to try and ensure it is all backwards compatible.

  • The review board system now autodetects whether or not a user is logged in, and no longer requires an email address to be entered to when making an anonymous review.

  • Users can now toggle review notifications on or off in their control panel. To do this, under “Edit Profile” click “Review Notify”. Then select yes or no, and click update.

  • Authors can now manage their reviews directly in the review board.

  • The code is now mostly compliant with PHP 5.4.x, and there are some final things to do to make that happen. Expect that some page draws may get a little weird while this is done, but that'll be temporary (as in minutes), while the changes are made and applied. Once EVERYTHING is PHP 5.4.x compliant, I'll be able to upgrade the forum from 3.4.x to 4.1.x.

  • The rich text editor has been fully updated.

  • The old site files have been removed, and there will be unnecessary fields in supporting tables which will also be removed. BECAUSE of this, if you still refer to old profile links, you need to update them, as they no longer exist.

  • We'll certainly accept suggestions to other features and what not that users might like. Please post those to the forum topic link for this news post. As long as what is being asked for won't bog down the server, and is doable in php, it will be considered. We'll also let you know if it is doable or not.

  • If you encounter a bug, please post it here. Login is not required to post bugs to the tracker.

The Comics chapter table

Restoration of the corrupted data is ongoing. I have 20MB to go. Please keep in mind that when I do this, I look at each chapter, and compare the data to the back up table, to make sure that there is no data missing. If there is, then I restore the missing data.

Site Header/Logo Image

We're thinking about rotating images, plus, we're open to donations of images.

Image requirements: 150x150px, transparent background, easy to identify, must look good in black and white.

Please let us know in the forum topic for this news what you think!  If you have any submissions, add them to this topic as well.

Dribs, Drabs and Doggy Tales

This is the forum where they all are listed. This is the current one. These are open ended, so if one set of words doesn't work for your muse, look at others!

Funding Status

As always, we appreciate and thank everyone who can donate. It's certainly not required of the users, but every little bit helps!

Deletion notification

For Accounts

When deleting an account because the user is underage, a plagiarist, or whatever else would be a reason to delete one entirely, we do NOT send a notification.

For Stories

When deleting stories, this is done for non compliance with the ToS. Stories are HIDDEN long before they are deleted. The user is told there is an issue, and given 7 days to comply before the story is hidden. Upon hiding, the story is left for 30 or more days (it ends up being more when I have a heavy work load IRL) before it is deleted. If the issue is CORRECTED, the story is restored to public view.

Disposable email

Disposable emails are not checked, and we don’t allow registration with them. Upon finding an account registered with a disposable email address, it is deleted.

Email address visibility

By default, the email address is hidden when you register. It will only display if you put it in the bio area of your profile.

Tech Bits

Archive rewrite

Is done for the front end!

Tech support, directions given

Just to reiterate, when I email out step by step DIRECTIONS on how to do something, that is exactly what they are. Not suggestions, but directions. If followed as stepped out, it works very well. This means that the user must follow them in the order the steps are given.

Please remember that the authors you read do like to hear from you! Leave them a review or two, and let them know how they're doing!


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