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Content Guidelines

By accepting the ToS of the site, you are also agreeing to follow the Content Guidelines defined below for all user submissions as defined in the ToS. You understand that if the Content Guidelines are violated you are subject to the User Submission being hidden or deleted.

You understand that if you are contacted by a member of the staff in regards to any violations listed below that in most circumstances you have 7 days to correct the issue prior to the Submission being hidden and 30 days after it being hidden to correct it or it will be deleted from the Archive.

You understand that all User Submissions must be uploaded to the appropriate Sub-Domain and Category. Failure to do so will result in an immediate deletion of the story.

You understand that all work added to the archive must be properly disclaimed. A field has been provided when posting a story that will show at the top of every chapter. If you exceed the 240 character limit in the disclaimer field, you understand that you must put in the field, "See Full Disclaimer Below", and ensure that the full disclaimer is at the top of the first chapter.

All disclaimers must include a fandom (not character) disclaimer and a not for profit statement, with the exception of Original Works and stories based off works that are in Public Domain. For a complete list of how Public Domain is determined, please refer to

For detailed information on what is required in a disclaimer based on story type, please refer to the Disclaimers FAQ.

You understand that if you include any work not your own in a User Submission, such as lyrics, quotes, etc, require proper citation of the original source material.

Further, you understand that "Read-the-Book" and "Fan-Make" submissions are not allowed at ALL. These constitute wholesale copy/pasting of books and/or scripts, often with a sentence or two preceding the actual excerpt of original content. This is NOT writing your own story, this is plagiarism.

If you are using content or characters that is not covered under the original copyright, such as content or characters created by another fan fiction author, in order to prevent accusations of plagiarism in the future, AFF requires that permission from the original party be emailed in to, subject line should reference the author's pen name and the story title for which one is granting permissions.

You understand that your story may not be uploaded into multiple subdomains in the archive. Crossover categories have been provided for this explicit reason. You understand that the only time a duplicate story is allowed to remain is if the story has been translated into another language with the permission of the original author. When submitting a rewrite of a previously existing story, there is a procedure that needs to be followed. WE understand that you, the users, would like to retain any reviews that you were given for the original story. However, once the procedure is followed through with, only ONE copy of the story will be allowed to remain.

You understand that changing the name of the characters in the User Submission and posting it in a separate sub-domain constitutes a duplicate story. You understand that if duplicate Submissions are found, one or both are subject to deletion.

You understand that due to Database limitations that Author's Notes may not exceed a total of 600 words in any chapter and that no chapter may be composed of only Author's Notes.

You understand that you are not to engage in Review Board conversations. Review replies may either be posted in chapters with Author's Notes so long as they are under the 600 word limit or alternatively, you may create a topic in our forum to discuss your story and post a link to the topic in your story.

You agree to use all profile fields accordingly and for their intended purposes. You understand that character limits are restricted to ensure database stability. You agree that you will not misuse the fields and place undue stress on the database.

You understand that the practice of demanding reviews is not allowed with in the archive. AFF defines review demands as any wording that either states or implies that no more chapters will be posted with reviews and/or that without reviews there will be delays in posting. You understand that all non-stories, as listed in the following section, are not allowed in the archive and may only be posted to the forum:

  • Lists
  • Polls
  • Story Previews (Unless a chapter is posted at the exact same time as the preview, the preview must be within the chapter posted, as PART of the chapter)
  • Challenges
  • Requests
  • Searches
  • Placeholder stories
  • Non-chapters, such as Author's Notes or other non-story data, to bump your story in the chronological listings
  • Authors Notes as stories or chapters, unless acting as a Table of Contents for TwitFics, Drabbles or OneShot Collections.
  • Roleplay requests
  • Question and answer
  • Blogs
  • Placeholder chapters (this includes "teaser" chapters) - INCLUDING adding them to bump the story up in the latest listing.

Profile bio content

  • Profile Vomit - Please refrain from adding those "chain" poem/statement/blurbs to your profile. If added, the profile will be edited accordingly.
  • Offsite redirects - there are fields to add links to your blogs, website and the like within your profile. Please use them, rather than adding the links to the bio field. We do understand that there may be links not allowed for. Those are permissible, provided they are NOT to something which makes the user money (i.e. profile, and the like), as that constitutes advertising.
  • Review Replies - please refrain from using the bio area of your profile to reply to reviews

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