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Profile contains all contact information


Individually, can be contacted through the forum, following this link. The forum allows you to email the moderators individually from their profiles, as well as private message them. Below is a list of the current active moderators.

There are also a set of forums for reporting things as one sees the need.

Email address -

General Staff Questions

Disclaimer Corrections and Questions

Category Requests

Techical Support and Bug Reporting

There is a forum for technical support questions. If one wishes to email to support, the email address is Clearly state what the tech issue is, in the subject of the mail. Hidden story issues are not tech support issues. There is also a Bug Tracker forum. Report any suspected bugs, and if something can be done, it will be. If it's an issue which isn't really a tech issue, that will be noted at well.


Please email your inquiries. Additional information will be forthcoming upon reciept of the email.


We ask that donations be in the amount of $5 or more, so that it doesn't create a deficit with paypal fees. The donations page will have instructions for you.

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