Donation Information

30 January 2017


The site has $135.00 stored for the emergency fund I'm setting aside, and 3.56 for projected February expenses. I'm actually shifting any surplus from donations towards expenses (after expenses have been paid) to this fund I'm setting aside. Budgeted January expenses are already paid.

First of all, the staff greatly appreciates any and all donations you are able to make. It helps to keep the site up by assisting with the hosting bills. Secondly, we ask that you send a minimum of $5, so that the donation does not end up negative because of paypal processing fees.

January's needs are met! If this changes, I will of course let everyone know what the exact amount I would need for whatever additional expenses come up.

When sending a donation, please send via Paypal, to, or click the donation kitty! As I update the donation tracker, the pen name and amount are published to the supporters page, so let me know if you don't want it there. If you donate from an email which you don't use on site, please email me to include you on the list.

We, the staff are grateful for any and all assistance that you, the users give to us. Whether in the form of time or money.

If you choose to assist the site, and donate, please send donations via paypal, to

Again, thanks very much for your time and any help you are able to give.