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By entering, known hereafter as AFF or the site, you agree to the following Terms of Service (ToS) and the linked Content Guidelines. You understand that while AFF will do its best to ensure users are updated in regards to any changes; it is your responsibility as a user to periodically review the ToS. AFF may at any point update, change, or modify the ToS and you agree to abide by any changes made.

You understand that in order for all features of the website to be accessible, you must create a user account. You understand that only one User Account is allowed per person unless you have a joint account. Permission for joint accounts must be obtained by emailing By creating a user account, you are certifying that all information provided while creating the account is accurate and complete.

You understand that advertising is not allowed in User Submissions or on Author's page as the site is supported by advertising and we do not want to detract from paid advertisers. Adding your site to the url field provided, is not advertising. We welcome you to visit our advertising page here for more information on starting a campaign with us:
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You understand that the account you create is solely for your use alone and that you are not to allow other users access to your account. It is your responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of your log in credentials. If you allow other users access to your account, AFF cannot be held responsible for any loss of information. The only exception is joint accounts for co-authors and AFF must be notified if this is the case, otherwise the account is subject to deletion.

If there is unauthorized access to your account, it is your responsibility to notify AFF immediately.

By accessing AFF and/or creating an account I agree that I am at least 18 years of age and legally allowed to view adult related material.

You understand that while AFF will not censor based on personal beliefs User Submissions based off real people who are under that age of 18 are not allowed for legal reasons. You further understand that if found, it will be deleted immediately to prevent legal issues

You understand that when posting User Submissions, you are stating that any work submitted under your User Account is your own personal work and has not been in any part copied or plagiarized from any source. Furthermore, you understand that you are not to post anyone else's work without the express permission of the original copyright holder unless said work is part of Public Domain.

You agree that when posting User Submissions that you will adhere to all content guidelines as outlined here: and that any violation of these guidelines can result in submissions being hidden or deleted.

You understand that "Read-The-Book" and "Fan-Make" submissions are not allowed at ALL. These submissions will be deleted when found. Continued submissions of this type will cause the user in question to be permanently banned, as this is plagiarism.

You understand that with the exception of User Submissions, all material within AFF is owned by AFF and subject to all appropriate copyright laws. User Submissions fall under the Fair Use section of the US Copyright Laws as defined here:

You understand that User Submissions may not reflect the viewpoints of the owners, moderators or staff of AFF. As such, you understand that AFF cannot be held responsible for any User Submitted content on the site.

You understand that all content, unless otherwise categorized, is a work of fiction. While AFF does not condone illegal activities, AFF respects artistic freedoms and will not censor based on personal beliefs.

You understand that a valid, working email address is required for registration. "Disposable" email addresses are not accepted, and subject the user to immediate deletion

You agree as a user of AFF that you will not download or copy any of the content within without the express permission of the original user to post the content.

You agree to conduct yourself in a responsible, mature manner on the site. This means that you will remain polite and respectful to all users, staff, admins and owners and will not 'flame' other users.

You agree that if you become aware that another user is willfully breaking these ToS or Content guidelines that you are to immediately notify AFF so that the site is not in legal jeopardy.

You understand that while AFF makes every attempt to ensure no loss of data occurs, that AFF is not responsible if data is lost or corrupted. You agree that keeping a copy of your work is your personal responsibility.

You understand that if any of the above requirements are violated that your account and/or submissions are subject to being hidden, edited, deleted, or being taken control of by the administrators of the site, without notice. You understand that your ability to return to the site after these actions are taken is solely at the discretion of the site's staff and is not subject to discussion.

Revised 8-21-2013

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