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Banner Application (new advertisers)

Register to apply! This is done by email. Be sure to include all the information needed for your campaign. What is needed in your email:

  • In the subject, type "New Campaign"
  • In the body of the email, input the following:

    Website name
    Website url
    Contact information
    Campaign name - i.e. "Neko's Spring Banners", or whatever you think best suits this transaction.
    Supply us with your company name, or a name you wish to want us to use for you
    Choose the name you'd like to be connected with your banners, if it's different from its file name and campaign.
    Attach your banner to the email
    Review your information carefully, and then send in your email.
  • Now all there is to do is wait for us to review your submissions and get back to you with the great news! Expect to hear from us within a day or two, at which time we will direct you through the rest of the process. At that time we will also show you how to check up on your campaign's progress. Remember, we're always happy to answer any advertising questions that pop up, so please contact us any time.

    Any other Banner Issues

    In the body of the email, let us know any questions you may have about the subject you indicated. Please use the following below as the mail subject, depending upon your need:

    • Billing
    • Banner Edit
    • New Banner (in addition to current inventory)
    • Renewal/restart of previous campaign
    • General Support
    • Contact Information Page
    • Cancellation (recurring payment advertisers)

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