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Pricing (Per banner and/or slot)

So you decided to check out the pricing? Wonderful! Thank you so much! As stated before, we offer a variety of pricing tiers and options to suit your needs. Take a look below to see what would work best!

Monthly : $20.00 Each

Quarterly Banners : $55 Each ($5.00 savings)

Bi-Annual Banners : $110 Each ($10.00 savings)

Annual Banners : $220.00 Each (one month free!)

If you choose to go with the monthly option, we do have the option to set up recurring payments so that you have one less thing on your mind every month. And if for any reason you decide not to use slots that you have paid for, a refund will be issued within 48 hours of the overpayment.

Once you have set up the details of your campaign, you will be directed to a payment page to make your choices!

Payment Options

Simply select whichever option best suits your needs, for up to 10 banners at a time. Should you opt not to use all the slots you've subscribed for, simply indicate in an email that you are only going to use x amount of slots for that month. A refund will be issued for the overpayment, within 48 hours.

Recurring Payments

Amount of banners and/or slots

Monthly banner, once only payment

Monthly Banner Prepay

Quarterly banner, once only payment

Quarterly Prepay

Bi-annual banner, once only payment

Bi-Annual Prepay

Annual banner, once only payment

Annual Banner Prepay

Banners which exceed the maximum file size of 300k, will be billed separately.

All payments are sent to

Thank you for your business!

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