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Back up and running!


Update : Partial read-only mode due to yet another attack in the early hours of Oct 10. Had to roll back the database 24 hours, so I apologize for any lost stories.

I will be incrementally unlocking and backing up the site before every unlock to keep any future damage under control. The hacker is specifically targeting Stories (titles, description, and disclaimers.)

I know it's been almost a month, but what can I say with working full time and only able to work on the site afterwork and on my days off.

Going forward, story and author recommendations can have an impact as there are more features on their way for November, including archive highlights of top recommended stories and most currently reading stories. We have the top 50 recommended authors in the member directory and a showcase of our supporters.

If you are logged into the site in the archives' menu to the right of the archive name is a green icon, that will take you to the archive's story manager. It's been cleaned up and made mobile compliant.

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